Martha Cooper's

The photos on this website are a fraction of those I've shot over the past twenty years. Some were "drive by shootings" while others were the product of long term projects. Many have appeared in books, magazines, and museum exhibitions. You can also find my photos on other websites at the links below.

I regularly work closely with anthropologists and folklorists and am Director of Photography at CITY LORE, the New York Center for Urban Folk Culture.

PHOTO ARTS was one of the first sites on the web devoted exclusively to photography. When I put up some batches of NYC photographs in 1996 at the invitation of Jim Wintner who developed and runs the site, I began to understand the power of the web and realized it was time to get on line.

While traveling abroad I'm always on the lookout for particular themes to photograph. Play is one of them so I was delighted when Mick asked me to put up some examples on his charming, nostalgic STREET PLAY site.

In the 80's I was crazy about subway graffiti, My obsession resulted in a book, photographed with Henry Chalfant, called SUBWAY ART. Today, there are numerous graffiti sites on the web, many with references to our book. This link will send you to one of them.

My father had a photo shop and gave me a camera in nursery school. I began collecting images of women with cameras in the 70's and now have thousands. The internet has enabled me to share them. Please check out KODAKGIRL.